There’s lots of excitement and

Jan 26, 2012 Blog

There’s lots of excitement and anticipation in the Guelph running community with fund-raising for a new 8 lane track furiously ramping up. With an impending dead line next Tuesday looming, the donate now call is out, visit the Guelph Victors Site if you can.

The Weather Network came for a visit Tuesday. Afternoon host Suzanne Leonard talked with DST about winter running, “ I don’t think there’s much of a difference between winter and other times of the year, personally,” says Scott-Thomas. “You just make it a regular part of your life and get out the door.” check video out here  Watch for my running cameo. She also spoke with me, about training through the winter and other running related topics. Keep an eye out of that one on TWN in the next few days.

This came in my Inbox recently, something I think a lot of you may be interested in, Dr Trent Stellingwerff (I work with on nutrition) in podcast talking about