Hey Blog, haven’t forgot about you, just

May 29, 2012 Blog

Hey Blog, haven’t forgot about you, just been on the road. Stayed an extra day in Ottawa with Em and Heidi. Long drive back yesterday and right into another workout session this morning, first really hot one! 70′ of quality tempo with Reid. Here’s an interview I did on CTV before Ottawa 10k

Turns out legs weren’t that tired, guess they shouldn’t when 10k race pace is only slightly faster then goal marathon pace. Gotta say I did enjoy racing, turned it into a tactical race twowards the end just wanting to beat Gezahegne Eshetu who was with me second half. We couldn’t see anyone in front, each of us tried to drop one another, I was the first. At 7k I put in a surge, plus started swerving back and forth across the road to shake him as he was drafting off me, didn’t work. By 9k we slowed it down to a crawl waiting for the other to start his kick. After a weak attempt by him with 900m to go, that I easily covered, I tried my luck with just over 300m to go. He timed this sprint well, he got me just at the line! Great crowd support, made for lots of fun coming down that finishing stretch, thanks everyone!

finished 10th in 30:18