I notice a trend here, no posts when

May 19, 2012 Blog

I notice a trend here, no posts when training’s not going well, afraid that’s been the case last few days. Will try and turn that around with an update… My left SI I mentioned was bothering me last post, turns out to be more of a hamstring (semitendinosus muscle) issue, gets really sore late in runs. Saw Brenda down at Speed River Physiotherapy Wednesday, felt great leaving, and for the first part of run but soreness was back towards end.  I attempted a workout Thursday, supposed to do 10x1200m fast.. stopped after 2, able to get decent mileage still.. did my first three run day ever.. 6kam +8kafternoon (failed workout), had supper then ran 14k later that evening…. Regrouped for Friday, decided to try a lighter workout after working on knot found in semitendinosus muscle belly, relieved some tension. The revamped w/o was more fartleky, 10×4′, able to get in 8 before soreness too much, still decent mileage, 30k on day.

Today’s 20k morning run was the best I’ve felt in a while, ave 4:20k. Tried a little something different with hips that seemed to work – would tighten turning them on, running tall + then release relaxing for a second dropping some letting tail bone swing back, all very sublet actions…. time will tell if I’m on to something or just cause something else to get sore… for now we’ll say the glass is half full