Thursday Workout went well, lots of 3’ers

May 12, 2012 Blog

Workout went well, lots of 3’ers, 30k total… Lori Ewing from Canadian Press was down from Toronto, nice of her to come to town for a story… Later Reid, Dave, Moulton, and I meet up again in Toronto for the 890v2 shoe launch, very cool event. Got to meet Jim Davis, founder of New Balance, also bumped into and chatted with Jordon Croucher, aka singer JRND. He placed b-ball for X when I was there, good team back then, won a CIS title.

Another double day, 35′ + 85′ .. tired after long day yesterday, and not much sleep at work last night. I only need to get in two shifts in four months to keep on relief list, don’t plan on working anymore overnights this build-up.
Longish run this morning, 26k with 15′ of strides… then off to The Running Works in Guelph here, for a New Balance ‘Good Form Running’ clinic, and meet & greet. Dave Depiero from NB was there with a treadmill, video, shoes, and his tips for you….probably a $50 value for free. If he comes to a shoes store in your town I strongly advise you to take advantage of this.