Alright, getting in decent mileage

Jun 1, 2012 Blog

Alright, getting in decent mileage (210k this week) and good workouts. I like when things are clicking!
Despite windy & rainy conditions this morning workout went very well. Had a few extra bodies out on Cook’s & Carter today, one of them being a cool dude from Victoria you may know, Simon Whitfield. He jumped in for part of our marathon session. The guy’s training for three sports and he probably would have had no problem finishing whole thing with us the way he was moving!… But only training for 10k, and probably has another one or two training sessions planed in the pool and on bike later today.

Shout out to fellow Speed Riverite Hilary Stellingwerff for gettin’er done in Rome yesterday, Olympic A standard in 1500m… WAY TO GO!… And not exactly feeling top notch either, read more here… what a ‘gutsy’ effort!