Nice article by Lori Ewing of Canadian

Jun 21, 2012 Blog

Canadian Running just released this clip 

Racing this weekend in Vancouver, doing a Half. Looking for a PB, it’s currently 63:36 from last year in Virgina Beach, HOT! Calling for a hight of 17 on Sunday in Van, NICE!! Last few days here in Guelph have been crazy hot, over 40 yesterday with humidity…Able to get in training I needed dispute the heat. Few things I key on when running in hot humid weather, – constantly drink water: take bottle to leave on trail when going more then 70 minutes. have glass of water if up through the night. less coffee, especially in the afternoon – slow down pace: for me it’s more beneficial to run am20k at lower pace and get another pm15k in then to run first one fast and feel too zapped for second run. – run later in the evening: if it’s a barn burner out I’ll have an early supper then run a few hours later. Did this this yesterday, nice run for being 35degrees in the afternoon. – find shady runsAnd eat lots of ice cream!