Great mile workout around Exhibition

Jul 26, 2012 Blog

Great mile workout around Exhibition Park this morning with Reid and Nick, last one in Guelph. Excited to be done most of the work, feeling like race is close now! We leave Sunday evening for London, will be there two days. In London we’ll get our HPC uniforms, run the 13k marathon corse loop, and get a feel for athletes village… Then off to our staging camp in Kamen, Germany for six days where all Canadian T&F athletes go before competing. It’s a quite place to train and adapt to time zone, then back to London Aug 8, four days before our race. Mens marathon starts at 6amEST on the 12th, best chance to see me is at the start. Hear there’s over 100 entries in our race, may be be hard to spot me?

Thanks for pic Mark & Korell

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