Nine Till Go Time

Aug 20, 2013 Blog

With just under nine weeks until Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon I like where I’m at. This morning’s workout was my fourth straight feeling back to my old self, in control and running quick. It’s been a long haul since London. Consistency has eluded me for the better part of last 10 months. I’ll tell yeah, it doesn’t take much to lose form, and man oh man it can take a lot of work to get back. I recommend investing time into ‘the little things’ to prevent this whole scenario yourself. It’s not worth breaking down too much to find out which part could have prevented this. My attitude now is to ‘simply’ (not simple at all) do all parts, and do them well. Being apart of translating, and now bring VICSYSTEM to Canada, was an excellent reminder of all the smaller things in training I was skimming over. Using VICSYSTEM on a daily basses helps keep those in my routine now.

Couldn’t have gotten to this point without an excellent support team fully committed to seeing me running happy again. A big thinks to Coach Dave Scott-Thomas, physio’s Brenda Scott-Thomas, postural alignment specialist Heather Finn at Speed River Physiotherapy, and Ron O’Hare of LifeSprings Physiotherapy in Aurora which is also hometown to my always supportive wife Emily. Thanks Kim Dawson of Wilfred Laurier University for mental skills training, and for being only a phone call away! Also to her husband, RMT Lance Dawson for treatments at Waterloo Sports Medicine. Thank you everyone for your support. Looking forward to good times ahead!

Cooks & Carter summer 2013 party crew #STWM (Reid still on mend when this was taken)

Me, Johana Kariankei(Kenya now), Nick Sunseri, Terence Attema, John Mason