Author: RubenKent

My spring racing schedule is now set

April 21 on the speedy Young St 10k course I’ve raced TYS10k once, 2011 finishing 2nd .3 seconds behind Reid. Typically 10k’s on the roads are slower then 10000m track races, not TYS10k, BIG net downhill!

April 28 Canadian Half Champs Montreal Won this one last year, cool to get out there on F1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!

May 26 Ottawa Marathon Have run the 10k there many times, always wanted to race marathon one day, now’s my chance! The Run Ottawa weekend is an amazing experience, multiple races Sat & Sun, tons of fun, can’t wait 🙂

Jacob is a young fellow I met a few weeks

Jacob is a young fellow I met a few weeks before this video. We ran together for a short time near the track, he was on a school run. A week later I heard ‘Hello Eric’ from the track infield, Jacob and his friends were planning soccer with an egg shaped ball. After chatting with them for a bit, said I’d try and find them a new ball. Iten is a town of a few thousand, but no stores that sell soccer balls even if you had the 9000 schillings ($10). Found one in Eldoret 45minutes away, I was going anyway that weekend.